Make an informed decision about purchasing a pre-owned car by having Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy Pre-Inspections & Valuations examine and certify that it’s safe with a pre-purchase inspection. You can feel confident about making informed decisions about buying a car with our help. Read through a complete list of our services performed during a pre-purchase inspection.

How to Buy a Pre-Owned Car

The first step in buying a car is determining how much you can afford, regardless of whether you’ll be paying straight cash or with monthly loan payments. If you are going to sell or trade your existing car, you need to know how much of its value will be going towards your new purchase. When making your determination don’t forget to consider extraneous costs such as insurance or registration. You don’t want to fall in love with a vehicle that ends up being over your budget.

The next step is to figure what you need or want in a vehicle such as electronic features, or towing capacity. You don’t want to purchase a car only to find that it doesn’t satisfy your needs or lifestyle. It will save you time and money to be honest with yourself and not buy a car solely because you like the looks or prestige it offers.

Once you find a car that meets your price and has the features you require, examine the vehicle inside and out. Be sure it has all the options and features that were advertised, and there are no cosmetic defects with which you can’t tolerate. After visually inspecting the car, take it for a lengthy test drive to make sure you like how it feels, and you don’t notice any strange noises or vibrations that could indicate a problem.

If you want to continue with the decision process, have a pre-purchase inspection completed. We can perform a mobile inspection by coming to you and certifying that your desired car is roadworthy and safe. The valuation can be used to help negotiate the price if you decide to make a purchase. The peace of mind pre-purchase car inspections affords you is priceless.

The last step is to negotiate with the seller to get a fair price for both of you. You can feel assured with pre-purchase auto inspections and valuations that you have the tools needed to barter effectively and not feel pressured. If you cannot settle, know that another car is out there that will suit your needs at the right price.

Mobile Auto Inspections
We have designed our service to make getting a pre-purchase inspection as convenient to you as possible. Our mobile service will come to you in the greater Brisbane area, so you don’t waste time travelling. We strive to provide mobile auto inspections on the day you need them even if it’s the same day you initially call. Contact Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy Pre-Inspections & Valuations for mobile pre-purchase inspections on all makes and models including boats, trailers, motorcycles, and caravans.