‘Where can I get a prestigious car inspection near me in Brisbane?’

Perhaps you’re posing this question to a used car dealer, or maybe you’re using your iPhone and trying to get an answer out of Siri. In any case, you’re asking the right question. Pre-sale car inspections are vital to make sure you are buying a vehicle that isn’t riddled with deferred maintenance, cheap repair parts or problems that you might not notice for the first few hundred kilometres. The hassle is getting a car you haven’t bought yet to a garage for a thorough inspection.

Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy: Prestigious Car Sale Inspections in Brisbane That Come to You
At Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy, we help you avoid the hassle of pre-sale car inspections by coming to you. Do you need a prestigious car inspection in Brisbane? If so, just give us to call. You won’t have to convince the dealer or current owner of the car to let you take it offsite for an inspection. Instead, we can send an inspector to your location to give the car a thorough look.

When we say ‘thorough,’ we mean it, too. Our inspections aren’t lazy once-overs that take five minutes and don’t offer much assurance one way or another. On the contrary, our pre-sale prestigious car inspections in Brisbane are always based on an 85-point checklist. From the tyres to the transmission, we will go over every facet and detail of the vehicle to assess its condition, maintenance and overall road-readiness. Our inspections also include accident and flood damage reports. In other words, if the car you are thinking about has been involved in a major, damaging incident, we will be able to tell you.

Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Wallet

At best, buying a shoddy, poorly maintained car is a waste of money. At worst, driving that kind of car can put you and your family (not to mention other drivers) at risk. To protect your safety and your finances, it’s important to call someone to do a prestigious car sale inspection in Brisbane before you buy. If the car is a jumble of pending repairs and expenses, an inspection will give you the foresight to walk away. If it’s in perfect condition and still has 150,000 kilometres of life left in it, an inspection will give you the assurance that you are making a smart investment. Either way, the inspection step is worthwhile just to ensure your peace of mind.

So next time you are doing the ‘find a prestigious car inspection near me in Brisbane’ search on Google, give us a call at Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy. Not only will we provide you with a thorough inspection service, but we will also come to you—a convenient perk that will make buying a car that much easier. To schedule an inspection with us anywhere in Brisbane, Brisbane South or Redlands, give us a call on 0412 245 672.