Buying a luxury vehicle can be a dream come true for many drivers in Brisbane, but if you want to save money on the purchase price, you might have to consider a used car. Fortunately, it’s easy to find second-hand vehicles for a bargain, but it’s not so simple to ensure the vehicle is in full working order. If you want to secure peace of mind regarding the vehicle’s condition, it’s best to call the professionals for a pre sale luxury car inspection in Brisbane. You may think that such a service only adds to the cost of purchasing a vehicle, but it may save you a significant sum of cash.

When considering a a pre sale luxury car service in Brisbane, you should at keep in mind just a few of the important checks that need to be carried out. It’s worth testing the brakes and steering while on a test drive to ensure they’re responsive and sharp, and it’s a good idea to inspect the engine and interior components for signs of rust and degradation. Additionally, you should look for tears in the upholstery to check the vehicle is worth the asking price, but no matter how carefully you inspect a car, you can’t beat a professional service unless you have the required skills and experience.

At Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy Pre-Inspections & valuations, we can visit your location in Brisbane to carry out a comprehensive, 85-point inspection on the luxury vehicle you interested in buying. We know that it’s not always possible to take a car that still belongs to somebody else to a garage, which is why we can come to you at a time that works for both parties. In addition to thorough inspections, we can also provide safety certificates and value vehicles accurately, helping you to protect your investment and find a car that lives up to your expectations.

Why You Should Have a Pre Sale Luxury Vehicle Inspection in Brisbane
Countless people have wasted their money on used cars that belonged in a scrapyard, so if you want to avoid making the same mistake, it’s worth giving us a call and booking a pre sale inspection. Here are just some the advantages of our service:

We check every core component of the vehicle – While you can give a car a quick scan over for signs of degradation, you may not be able to inspect its parts thoroughly. Our service will ensure the vehicle is fit for the road.
Protect your investment – Sometimes, it’s okay to buy a car with a few minor issues if the price is right, and we’ll help you decide whether the cost is fair by assessing the vehicle’s value accurately and notifying you of problems.
Find the luxury car of your dreams – With our service, you can search for a bargain and ensure the vehicle is in full working order before any money changes hands.
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