Perhaps you’ve been restoring an old muscle car in your garage for the past six months, and you need a roadworthy certificate before you take it out for a spin. Alternatively, maybe you are buying a new sports car and want to make sure you aren’t being cheated with a price that is higher than it should be. Either way, if you need a sports car inspection in Brisbane, you can count on Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy for a thorough and reliable service.

Put Our 25 Years of Experience to Work for You

If you’ve been Googling around for ‘sports car inspections near me in Brisbane,’ you probably know that it’s not always easy to find the kind of service you require. For every roadworthy inspector that works with European cars and muscle cars, there are probably a few others that are a little more limited in what they can do.

With that said, if you need sports car inspections in Brisbane—and you want to make sure that you are hiring someone who knows what they are doing—look no further than Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy. With more than 25 years of experience, we know cars as well as anyone in the area. We also specialise in European vehicles and muscle cars, which means you can trust us to handle roadworthy and pre-purchase inspections for cars that some other garages won’t touch.

Why Sports Car Inspections in Brisbane Matter
In any case, if you have a muscle car that needs a roadworthy certificate, or if you are preparing to drop a down payment on a used sports car, an inspection is a must. If you’ve been tinkering with an old muscle car and repairing it yourself, you not only need a roadworthy certificate to drive the car legally, but it’s also an important precaution to check your work and make sure you did everything safely. Just one small misstep in the repair and restoration process can compromise the safety of your sports car, so calling a 25-year industry veteran to perform a thorough inspection is an important extra layer of safety.

If you are buying a muscle car, meanwhile, then a sports car inspection in Brisbane is an important step to verify your investment. Sports cars are beautiful examples of automotive engineering, featuring the best parts and the best designs in the industry. The catch is you end up paying extra for those perks, which means that pulling the trigger and buying a muscle car is almost always a hefty investment. Making sure the car you’re buying doesn’t have a bunch of hidden damage or deferred maintenance is important, because it can save you a lot of extra expense and headache down the road.

Looking for a ‘sports car inspection near me in Brisbane’? If so, give us a call at Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy. Not only do we focus on muscle cars and European makes, but we will also come to you to perform the inspection, instead of the other way around. Dial 0412 245 672 to learn more.