Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

At Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy, we understand that a new vehicle is a large purchase decision and it’s our goal to make sure you not only get your money’s worth, but that your car is in good working order to keep you safe on the road. If you decide to go with Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy for your pre-purchase car inspection, we will provide a comprehensive report detailing the condition of the car – and don’t worry, if you’re not mechanically-minded, we can walk you through it. This allows you the opportunity to walk away from a bad deal, haggle the price lower or purchase with peace of mind, some of the best benefits of a pre-purchase car inspection.
In addition to being valuable to those looking to invest in a new vehicle, pre-purchase car inspections are also useful to those looking to sell. If the report of your vehicle comes back positive, this allows you a greater negotiating power, being able to prove that your car is in excellent condition and is well looked after.
Qualified, registered and accredited, our team can provide pre-purchase car inspections to all Queensland government and corporate fleet vehicles as well as the general public. For a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today on 0412 245 672!

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Benefits

Aside from being an almost compulsory service before buying a new car, vehicle inspections provide a wide range of benefits to both buyer and seller alike. At Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy, we can provide our pre-purchase car inspection for all makes and models including motorcycles, boats and caravans. The main benefits of pre-purchase car inspections include:

Saving Money

If we diagnose issues that don’t pose an immediate threat to your safety, you can use these findings as leverage to save money when negotiating the sale. It can also save you thousands in the long run if we uncover hidden defects or the car is no longer covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Identifying Pain Points

Mechanical problems are not always obviously visible, especially not to an untrained eye. By hiring a qualified motor mechanic, you get an expert’s unbiased opinion on the quality, safety and performance of the vehicle.

Selling For More

By having a pre-purchase car inspection report under your wing when selling a vehicle can be a tremendously effective sales tool. By having a qualified mechanic mark your vehicle as well looked after and in good working condition, you have leverage and a strong position to negotiate a higher value for your car.

Distance Buying

Live out of state or have no means to inspect the vehicle yourself? Arranging a vehicle inspection through Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy can assist in the purchasing process. We will carry out a detailed and comprehensive pre-purchase car inspection to help you make an informed decision right from the comfort of your own home!

Peace Of Mind

The biggest benefit is being able to buy with confidence. All benefits summed up lead to having the peace of mind that you’re purchasing a quality vehicle for what it’s worth.

Don’t buy a lemon, invest in a pre-purchase car inspection by a trusty Brisbane local mechanic today!

What’s Included in Pre-Purchase Car Inspections?

From an engine check all the way through to steering and suspension, our comprehensive vehicle inspection service covers everything! Our comprehensive report will break down every detail of the car with the mechanic having inspected the interior, exterior, steering, brakes, suspension, engine, under body and drive line as well as having conducted a road test. For more details on what’s included in a pre-purchase car inspection, check out our service page here or give us a call on 0412 245 672.

About Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy

At Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy, we have over 25 years experience specialising in European vehicles and muscle cars for pre-purchase inspections and valuations. Aside from this, we are an Approved Inspection Station for Brisbane Uber drivers to get their Certificate of Inspection and can help you with your roadworthy certificate no matter what make or model vehicle you have – including motorcycles, boats and caravans, jet skis and trailers!
We take the hassle out of just about every mechanical service in Brisbane by providing a same day, flexible time and mobile service. We cover all areas within the Brisbane CBD location as well as South Brisbane. If you have a busy schedule and can’t take time away to get your car to a mechanic, then Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy can help you today! We have options to come to your home, office or any location that suits you. We know that there is nothing more frustrating than when you need a mechanic and you need it now but can’t get there.

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Committed to excellence and dedicated to customer satisfaction, our team at Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy guarantee a service you’ll be happy with. We are fast, reliable and hard-working, coming to you when you need us most. Our pre-purchase car inspections are offered at an affordable rate and are hassle-free. Book early for same day appointment. Call us now on 0412 245 672.

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