Queensland Roadworthy Certificate For Interstate Vehicles

Thinking of moving to Queensland? Great, welcome to our state! Before you take the plunge though, have you thought about all the requirements? Proximity to the kid’s school or daycare centres, retail outlets, playgrounds, medical centres. But what about a local mechanic who can help you when it comes to changing your registration to Queensland plates when you next need to renew? An often overlooked aspect of moving states, our Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy services can inspect your car, motorcycle, trailer, caravan and jetski.

QLD Roadworthy Car Inspection

In order to receive a roadworthy certificate, a mechanic will inspect your car to evaluate the safety and condition of the vehicle. With over 25 years of dedicated experience to the trade, our team at Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy have the know-how to provide the best in roadworthy car inspections, incorporating over 85 different checks (including accident and flood damage).

Roadworthy car inspections are usually carried out by independent mechanics to decipher the quality, safety and performance of a vehicle. Inspecting all makes and models, our comprehensive reports will break down every aspect of the vehicle’s condition – and don’t worry, if you’re not mechanically-minded, our staff will provide personal feedback in terms that will help you understand the state of the vehicle. This report will be supplied to you the same day as your inspection detailing any defects or problems detected which will determine whether it will pass a roadworthy evaluation. Should your vehicle fail to meet the requirement, you will receive 14 days to rectify the issues and rebook. If you so wish, Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy can carry out the repairs so you can rest assured you will pass the next inspection.

Qualified, registered and accredited, our team can provide car inspections to all Queensland government and corporate fleet vehicles as well as the general public. For a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today on 0412 245 672!

What’s Included In A Roadworthy Inspection?

From an engine check all the way through to steering and suspension, our comprehensive vehicle inspection service covers everything! As a mobile service, we can come to you in any Brisbane suburb at a time that’s convenient to you! Check out our summarised example below:

Interior Engine Steering, Brakes & Suspension
Window Operation Fluids Wheel Bearings
Horn Hoses & Joints Steering Arm
Air Conditioner Drive Belts & Pulleys Rims & Tyres
Demisters Battery & Connections Handbrake
Seat Belts & Runners Wiring Brake Booster
Radio Controls Ignition System Master Cylinder
Washers & Wipers Fuel System Slave Cylinder
Door Locks Emission Controls Brake Pads & Rotors
Lights Cooling System Drum Brakes
Gauges Seals & Gaskets Springs & Shock Absorbers
Exterior Under Body & Drive Line Road Test
Rust Exhaust Odometer
Trim Differential Speedometer
Paint Chassis Steering Wheel Alignment
Panels Drive Shafts Vibrations & Noises
Mirrors Tail Shaft Clutch Operation
Body Repairs Mounts & Bushes Brake Operation
Bonnet & Boot Gearbox Performance
Convertible Leaks & Fluids Electrical Systems

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At Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy, we have over 25 years experience in the industry and have been performing roadworthy car inspections since our inception. If you have any further questions or are looking for some general advice, we’re more than happy to help! As a mobile service, we come to you!

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