Do you need an urgent pre-purchase sports car inspection in Brisbane? Whether you decided to buy a muscle car on a whim or had your original inspection appointment fall through, you can always count on Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy to find time for your inspection. Not only do we conduct pre-sale sports vehicle inspections in Brisbane, but we also offer same-day appointments which can make life that much easier for our customers.

Buy Wisely—Even with Spur of the Moment Decisions

Sports cars offer a true thrill: they are fast, loud and beautiful. Buying a gleaming, gorgeous sports car is a splurge, and it’s often a decision made quickly and on impulse. Still, even if you decide that you want to make a spur of the moment decision and buy yourself a beautiful classic muscle car, it’s important to be smart about the purchase. That’s where Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy figures into the conversation.

A pre-purchase sports vehicle inspection in Brisbane will ensure that everything is in working order before you pay a single dollar for your muscle car. It’s all too easy sometimes to be blinded by the sheer aesthetic beauty of a sports car. What’s important to remember is that even a car that looks shiny and perfect on the outside can have interior or under-the-hood damage that you can’t see. Just like muscle cars themselves are expensive, the repairs, part replacements and maintenance services for them are expensive as well. When you buy a sports car without an inspection, you risk shouldering thousands of dollars in unexpected repair costs.

A pre-sale sports car inspection in Brisbane is the only way to avoid that risk. At Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy, we conduct 85-point inspections to find out what’s hiding beneath a car’s hood. If there are problems that might affect your purchase decision, we will bring them to your attention. If the car is as perfect and pristine as it looks, we will give you the all clear. Either way, we give you the knowledge you need to make a smarter purchase decision.

Schedule Your Pre-Sale Sports Vehicles Inspection in Brisbane Today
The best thing about choosing Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy for your pre-sale sports car inspections in Brisbane is that we won’t make you wait. On the contrary, we can travel to your location today to carry out the inspection. If you are itching to buy a muscle car right away, our same-day mobile inspections will be the perfect fit for you.

Finally, when you call us for a sports car inspection, you can expect passionate service from people who love cars. We have been in more than 25 years of experience in this industry, and that longevity is due entirely to our love of all things automotive. Trust us: we understand the impulse to buy a muscle car and drive it fast. We just want to help you make sure the investment is a good one. Call us on 0412 245 672 to arrange an inspection.